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Antique Buddha statues for sale


Presentation Centrepiece.

A Silver Plated Mounted Double Horn Presentation Centrepiece, the two horns suspending a cylindrical case, engraved "Presented to Their Excellences Sir Gordon and Lady Whitteridge by the Burma Britain Association Rancoon 17 July 1965", containing a headed note bearing thirteen signatures and another explaining the Burmese inscription, mounted on wooden plinth base with an applied plaque.Great looking historical object and the only one in existance. 

Size 41cm tall

Price £825 with Free Uk Shipping



Carved 19thC Rosewood Davenport

Fine Anglo Burmese Carved 19thC Rosewood Davenport Desk. We like to offer the unusual and this certainly is one of those items. Profusely hand carved from solid Rosewood all over even the back with People,Animals & Floral decoration.The door on the side unlocks to reveal four draws. The writting slope lifts to reveal two drawers and a fabric lined interior. The top section has four further small drawers and a stationary niche.There is also a secret drawer. A wonderfull piece of history made during coloinial ocupation in Burma.

Size 133cm Tall x 60cm Wide

Price £950




Bronze Ava Buddha T27

Well sculpted 17th - 18thC [second Ava period] Bronze Ava Buddha with some fine hand worked detail. Nice original green brown  buriel patination and good poise make this a fine collectors example. Purchased in the Uk from a Dorset family.

Size 168mm Tall

Price £485 with Free Uk/Eu shipping.




Antique Burmese Buddhist Manuscript, Kammavaca

Good Burmese 19thC Pali manuscript, Kammavaca.  Made by scratching the characters into the surface of the palm leaf and rubbing a black pigment into the scratch. They contain instructions on monastic life and sutras from Buddha. The 70 page manuscript has characters on both sides of each page. It has then been bound on both sides using two thick slabs of solid ebony with a cord used to hold the pages in place. There is an old coin which has been drilled and used as a toggle for the cord.

Size 40cm Long

Price £200 with free Uk/Eu shipping 



19thC Gilded Shrine Mirror

19thc Gilded and carved back section of a shrine which has been converted into a decorative mirror. A stunning interior item with a small shelf on the bottom edge.Small glass sections of inlay just finish this item.

Size 134cm Tall

Price £595 Collection only or local delivery.



Large Burmese House Shrine 5

Late 19th Burmese Gilded Buddhist House Shrine with coloured glass mirror inlay. These wonderfull decorative house shrines are used by the native people for prayer / worship and have a door to place your Buddha inside. Why not buy a Buddha to go inside. This item was from the Cheng Huan Collection removed from Stockton House in Wiltshire and we have bought a large quantity of items from this collection. We have removed the fablic from the back board as it was not original.

Size 70cm Tall x 74cm Wide

Price £545 collection recomended. 



16th-17thC Bronze Ava Buddha,T24

16th-17thC Bronze Ava Buddha of seated form on high altar. Good original age patination verdigris and lacquer with a nice amount of gold gilding still visable,making this antique Buddha so appealing to the specialist collector. A fine antique example from a British collection we have just purchased.

Size 138mm Tall

Price £500 with Free Uk/Eu Shipping



Late 18thC Wood/Lacquer Mon Buddha,T22,

Late 18thC Carved Wooden Seated Mon Buddha finished in Black Lacquer and Small Glass jewells. There is a relic niche in the back of the high altar and this sculpture would have once taken pride of place in a family pagoda or house shrine back in colonial days .A fine antique example from a British collection we have just purchased.

Size 41cm tall

Price £720 with Free Uk/Eu Shipping



19thC Wooden Shan Buddha T21

A good well carved hardwood seated 19thC Shan Buddha finished in Red/Brown lacquer with expected ware. A realy nice face with downword looking eyes and a slight smile. Fine antique sculpture from a British collection we have just purchased.

Note, the ushnisha on top of the head was not straight when the picture was taken. It is now.

Size 51cm Tall

Price £750 with free Uk/Eu Shipping




Wood Mandalay Buddha T20

Nice Mid 18thC Mandalay Buddha seated on a double lotus throne. Hand carved in fine detail from hardwood and finished in a thin coat of Red/Brown lacquer. A good face with sharp detail and patinated hair made smooth by years of compassionate stroking. The old dry finish to the body shows signs of wear. A good looking Sculpture from a British collection we have just purchased.

Size 42cm Tall

Price £700 with free Uk/Eu ShippingP1100902a


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