A unique collection of antique Buddha statues and associated artefacts available to buy...

Antique Buddha statues for sale


Fine Quality Mandalay Buddha,T09

A Fine quality Mid 20thC standing Burmese Mandalay Buddha encrusted with coloured glass then finished in black lacquer and gold leaf. A real imposing sculpture and a lot Buddha for the money.

Size 170cm Tall Overall

Price £885 Shipping/Delivery possible so please contact us.




19thC Burmese Kyeezee Gong,SOLD

Late 19thC Large Burmese Kyeezee Gong. A large heavy bronze example with good colour and sound. These gongs are a traditional instrument from the temples of Burma. It is played by holding the gong by the string and striking one corner with a striker this then causes it to ring and spin. The pulsating sound is awsome.this example has a small metal swivel atatached to the rope to make it spin well.

Size 25cm Wide

Price £245 Free uk Shipping,SOLD




Nice Quality 19thC Burmese Buddha T08

A realy nice quality Early 19thC Antique Burmese Buddha sculpture which has been hand carved in Teak wood then lacquered and finished in 24 carat gold leaf. A good looking sculpture with a nice poise seated on a high double lotus throne. Purchased from a Uk collection.

Size 235mm Tall

Price £330 with Free Uk/Eu Shipping



Burmese Bronze Lion [Chinthe] TO7

Late 18thC Heavy cast Burmese Bronze Lion [Chinthe] with glass inlay and wonderfull patination. The surface is finished with lots of hand engraved decoration. It has a nice ferocious face and a realy good look.

Size 19cm Tall

Price £365 with Free Uk/Eu Shipping



19thC Mandalay Buddha TO6

19thC Lacquer Mandalay Buddha finished in Gold leaf and Mirror Glass Jewelled monks robes. A good looking Antique Buddha with a peacfull face and nice poise. Bought from a Uk estate sale.

Size 41cm tall

Price £620 with Free Uk Shipping



Late 19thC Burmese Bowl.

Late 19thc Burmese Bowl hand finished with stylised Peacocks and folate decoration. With side ring handles. From a recent collection we have just bought.

Size 22cm tall

Price £120 with free uk shipping



Burmese Parabaik Manuscript 02

A good 19thc Burmese folding manuscript,a leporello parabaik (a manuscript of paper folded into accordion like pages and used for writing and painting) and made of locally-produced khoi paper. There are approxmately eighteen pages of Black Burmese script. These would make a nice decorative feature if framed. There is script on both sides of the pages.This example has a realy interesting look as it has been partualy eaten by incects thus giving the pages a pepered holed look. Would look good framed. One of a small collection we have just purchased so please ask for more details.

Size each page 47cm x 165mm and 18 pages in total

Price £95 Free Uk Shipping



A Fine 19thC Crowned Buddha T05.SOLD

A Fine Quality 19thc Burmese Crowned Buddha Sculpture in wood finished in gold. The Buddha is seated on a high waisted altar with Lotus decoration. This is a realy nice example and is in good condition.

Size 42cm Tall

Price £575 With Free Uk Shipping.SOLD



Burmese Gilded Ceremonial Fan 04

19thC Burmese Ceremonial Zodiac Fan. These were used in the temples. This example is the Rabit and has glass inlayed into lacquer on the surface then finished off with Gold leaf. The condition is as seen and totaly unrestored but can be improved quite easy. This small group we have for sale are all in rather poor condition but still exellent display items.

Size 27cm Diameter

Price £60 with Free Uk Shipping



Monumental Temple Candle Stick, T04 SOLD

A Good Late 18thC Monumental Temple Candle/Incence Stick weighing over 4kg. Cast in Bronze and constucted In sections. This Rare item has Lotus flower decorated base and further profuse decoration including 15 hanging leaf embelishments around the top section, there would have been 16 but one is missing. We have not cleaned this and its just as we bought it. Bought in with a Large collection recently from a Devon Gentleman. We can undertake some light cleaning if required by the purchaser.

Size 58cm Tall

Price £940 with Free Uk/Eu Delivery.SOLD






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