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A unique collection of antique Buddha statues and associated artefacts available to buy...

Antique Buddha statues for sale


Burmese Gold Lacquer Buddha T18

19thC Burmese Buddha made entirely from Lacquer and finished in with Gold Leaf. This type of Burmese Buddha is know as Dekkhina-thaka-Buddha. Legend sais that while sat by the Muchalinda Naga Lake he Sheltered from the sun by placing lotus leaves on his head.On the underside of this is the lotus pond image with fish conch and plants all made using lacquer.These images are not found in temples but in peoples homes where they bring welth and protect from fire. This is a nice example with no major damage.  

Size 10cm Tall

Price £155 With Free UK Shipping



Pair of Temple Lions T15

Nice early 19thC Pair of Burmese Gilded temple Lions. Nice decorative items. These were from the Cheng Huan Collection removed from Stockton House in Wiltshire and we have a large quantity of items from this collection.

Size 31cm tall

Price £400 with Free Eu Shipping




Pair of Temple Lions T14

Nice Large 19thC Pair of Burmese Gilded temple Lions in the Mandalay Style. Nice decorative items. These were from the Cheng Huan Collection removed from Stockton House in Wiltshire and we have a large quantity of items from this collection.

Size 37cm tall

Price £485 with Free Eu Shipping



Pair of well carved Monastery doors.

A Wonderfull pair of Burmese hand carved Teak Monastery Doors dating from the 19thC. Well carved good looking interior design items with a small amount of the original paint remaining. Some wear as expected.  From the collection of a local gentleman. 

Size 194cm x 88cm overall

Price £1350 the Pair. Delivery by personal courier

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Burmese Nat Spirit Sculpture

Early 20thC Burmese Female Nat Spirit Sculpture [Nakayain a deity of the Mon People]  hand carved in hardwood then lacqured in a black finish. Provenance- Bought in the 1980s from the House of Huanghuali in Singapore.

Size 50cm Tall

Price £150 With Free Uk Shipping.




Kyeezee Gong on Stand

A nice Original Antique Late 19thC Burmese Kyeezee Gong on hardwood stand. These gongs are found in temples and when struck on the edge they spin and make a wonderfull sound.This example has come from a British coloinial collection.

Size overall 35cm Tall

Price £375 with Free Uk shipping



Huge Bronze 19thC Opium Weight.

A fantastic quality Huge well used 19thC Bronze 7 pound Opium Weight. Cast in fine detail with a good original patination unlike the moderm made crude pieces.These are refered to as opium weights but were infact used as every day weights for trading and selling goods.This example has come from an old long established collection belonging to a Dorset gentleman.

Size 18cm Tall

Price £320 with Free Uk Shipping



Burmese Parabaik Manuscript 04

A good 19thc Burmese folding manuscript,a leporello parabaik (a manuscript of paper folded into accordion like pages and used for writing and painting) and made of locally-produced khoi paper. There are approxmately sixty page of Black Burmese script. These would make a nice decorative feature if framed. There is script on both sides of the pages. Some Slight damage/rubbing to the cover. One of a small collection we have just purchased so please ask for more details.

Size each page 39cm x 18cm and 55 in total

Price £220 Free Uk Shipping





Large Gilded Royall Buddha T13

Here we have a huge Gilded wooden Buddha in Royall attire with fantastic mirror jewell decoration and a nice peacefull face. Only 20-30 years old but still a nice decorative sculpture. Some small knocks as expected which we can restore if required.

Size 83cm Tall

Price £700 with Free Uk Shipping.




19thC Burmese Drum Body, 02

Good Decorative 19thC Burmese Drum Body of nice form and condition. Hand turned from Teak and decorated with coloured glass and lacquer then finished in gold. There is a Burmese signature of the maker or owner on the base. A good stylish interior decoration object with history.

Size 75cm Tall

Price £475 with Free Uk shipping



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