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19thC Bronze Hotei Sculpture

19thC Bronze Hotei sculpture,sometimes refered to as a Buddha. He is the god of contentment and happiness, guardian of children, and patron of bartenders. Hotei has a cheerful face and a big belly. He is supposedly based on an actual person, and is widely recognized as the Fat, Laughing Buddha. He somtimes carries a large cloth bag over his back one that never empties, for he uses it to feed the poor and needy. It includes an inexhaustible cache of treasures, including food and drink. ” He can also hold a Chinese fan  (said to be a “wish giving” fan -- in the distant past, this type of fan was used by the aristocracy to indicate to vassals that their requests would be granted). Hotei is most likely based on the itinerant 10th-century Chinese Buddhist monk and hermit.

Size 15cm Tall

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