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17thC Bronze Ayutthaya Crowned Buddha.

17thC Bronze image of a meditating Ayutthaya Buddha,The figure is portrayed meditating in a seated or Virasana poisewith one leg atop the sole of the other foot.The hands overlap one another displaying the Dhyana mudra.This sculpture has a delightful expression and smile.The head is adorned with a Mukuta style crown which would have been surmounted by a dome-shaped Ushnisha,now sadly missing. The crown is ornamented with projecting flanges at both sides with incised wire like designs across the front. This Buddha is well cast using the lost wax method,The surface still has small areas of lacquer and there are traces of malachite/verdigris.Some old damage to the left knee and right arm as in the picture. Bought with an extensive collection from Cheltenham. 
Size 15cm and 20cm overall with the stand.
Price £520 with Free UK/EU shipping